Security Risk Assessment & Consulting Services

DueNorth consultants use recognized security frameworks to assess your current security posture and provide guidance towards improvement. DueNorth’s security risk assessments map to multiple regulations and frameworks, including:

HIPAA, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CMMC, and others!

Gain Clear Insight into Your Security Vulnerabilities. Prioritize Your Risk Mitigation Efforts.


Security Risk Assessment and Consulting Options

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

For organizations that wish to use the NIST CSF framework 

  • Ongoing Consulting Available

Assessment for HIPAA Compliance

For organizations that need to provide proof of HIPAA Security Rule compliance

  • Administrative Controls
  • Physical Controls
  • Technical Controls
  • Compliance Scans
  • Ongoing Consulting Available

Vulnerability Scans & Analysis

Vulnerability scans of networks, servers, workstations, web applications. Analysis and remediation consulting

  • Identify Critical & Exploitable Vulnerabilities
  • DueNorth will analyze results and provide consultation

Free Security Risk Assessment

Gain an understanding of your current information security posture by completing this self-assessment.  You will receive an S2SCORE estimate that will measure your controls and associated risks in your environment.  This is completely free and confidential.  Get started today!

Save staff time and know your next Security Risk Assessment is done correctly.

Let our analysts walk you through every step. Identify your vulnerabilities and create a remediation plan. Confidently attest that your organization is meeting information security standards such as CMMC, ISO 27002, NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, HIPAA and more. Provide validation to stakeholders, clients, and business partners.

Security Risk Analysis

A security risk analysis is the best way to understand your organization’s risk of data loss or unintentional disclosure.  An information security risk analysis is a comprehensive process of analyzing safeguards to ensure they are sufficient to ward off threats that exist in the world today. But if not conducted by an information security professional, your organization can still be exposed to threats against your information. And how do you know what to do after the assessment? DueNorth uses an unbiased, quantifiable assessment process built on the NIST framework that can be easily repeated year after year. We can help with any remediation efforts including policy and procedure creation, technical controls, employee training, and more.

Help protect all your confidential information.
Test and validate current information security measures.
Establish a risk management plan that is easy to understand from the board room to the tech room.
Build proof of compliance and map your controls to recognized security frameworks. HIPAA, FFIEC, NIST CSF, NIST 800-171 and more.

All Assessments are conducted by DueNorth Security staff members who hold at least one of the following certifications: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a security risk assessment improve our bottom line ?
Ransomware, malware, or a breach can cost tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of staff time for data recovery and reproduction. Not to mention fines if your firm is found in violation of any regulatory requirements. A third party assessment proves you are taking responsible steps towards information security.
How long does a risk assessment take?
The basic assessment can be completed in 2 weeks while a security program assessment can take up to 8 weeks.
What are the end deliverables?

All assessments include: Risk Score, Risk Action Plan, Full Security Risk Assessment Report, Executive Summary with recommendations and all supporting documents and findings. DueNorth can also help with your remediation efforts.

Other Assessment Options:

Network Vulnerability Tests

Penetration Testing

Social Engineering

Computer Access Test

Security Control Assessment

 And Much More…

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“When we were ready to launch our telehealth platform for eye care professionals we knew that our network security had to be ironclad. DueNorth helped us get there. As a result we received a very positive S2Score and continue to improve our score through continuous testing.”

Bill – Vice President, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, EyecareLive, Inc

“Information and security are critical in a health care environment and DueNorth builds and maintains a network to keep our patient records secure and available.”

Zach – Clinical Informatics Coordinator, McKenzie County Healthcare Systems

“DueNorth Security has surpassed expectations. They have effectively worked with us to resolve IT security and HIPAA risks in a timely manner. We can count on their team to help problem solve and guide us with best practices to meet all federal, state, and local requirements.”

Marianne – Director of Human Resources, St. Luke’s Medical Center

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Risk Assessment Process

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Risk Assessment Process

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The Importance of Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

The Importance of Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

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Ranking Information Security Risk

Ranking Information Security Risk

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