Information Security Consulting

Ongoing Support for Your Information Security and Compliance Efforts

Security and compliance doesn’t stop at the assessment. Regulatory and contractual requirements are making information security table stakes for doing business. How do you know what are appropriate security measures for your business? We compare your information security score using the S2Score with hundreds of other organizations in your industry. This allows you to quantify and truly understand your current information security position. We then develop a plan to help you improve your position over a determined time-frame. We then reassess your S2Score.

This process not only improves your security position but it provides proof of your risk management and vulnerability management program.



Conducted by certified information security professionals on an annual basis. Meet your compliance needs and gain visibility into your risk before it’s too late.

risk management plan

We develop a risk management plan with clear goals, timeframes, and required resources. Easy to understand across all departments, from the boardroom to the breakroom.

vulnerability scans

Each quarter we will rerun our vulnerability scans to make sure critical vulnerabilities were re-mediated and to identify anything new.


After 12-24 months of guided risk remediation/mitigation, we will conduct another risk assessment to show progress and provide proof of contract or regulatory requirements.

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